Tutorial Manual
This Tutorial manual contains an overview of dealing with structural problems such as raft, piled raft, pile group, a system of rafts, slab floor, grid, truss, beam, plane frame, and plane stress. It describes the processes of modeling the problems, carrying out the analyses, viewing and printing the results. It provides the user skills, which he needs to use ELPLA. It also takes the user gradually through some simple examples. Carrying out these examples will help the user to become familiar with the most important functions of ELPLA. Before attempting a real project with ELPLA, it is recommended that the user tries to carry out the given problems.
The Tutorial contains 13 examples. For each example discussed in this Tutorial, data files and some computed files are included in ELPLA software package. The file names and contents of the examples are given as follows. Besides, a key figure of each problem is shown that contains the main data concerning the structure shape and loads. Examples can be run again by ELPLA to examine the details of the analysis or to see how the problem was defined or computed and to display, print, or plot the results. 
Example 1: Analysis of an irregular shaped raft on irregular subsoil
A simple example of an irregular-shaped raft on irregular subsoil is selected to illustrate some of the essential features of ELPLA for analyzing rafts.
 Example 1: Analysis of an irregular shaped raft on irregular subsoil
 ELPLA DATA-Irregular raft on irregular subsoil.rar

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