Besides the following tutorial and verification examples, ELPLA solves different civil engineering problems.
  • Soil-structure interaction problems.
  • Analysis and design of rafts
  • Analysis of rigid rafts
  • Analysis of flexible foundations
  • Analysis and design of slab floors
  • Determining the consolidation settlements
  • Analysis and design of pile caps
  • Determining forces on piles due to structure loads
  • Settlement calculation of surface foundations
  • Determining the settlement due to surcharge fills or surcharge concentrated loads
  • Determining the surface settlement around rafts
  • Determining the constant or variable modulus of subgrade reaction
  • Effect of external loads or neighboring foundations
  • Effect of temperature difference
  • Effect of tunneling
  • Analysis of system of flexible, elastic, or rigid foundations
  • Analysis of beams or grids by FE-Method
  • Simulation of excavations and construction of embankments
  • Determining the ultimate bearing capacity of the soil
  • Determining the limit depth
  • Design of slabs, rafts, and piled rafts according to codes ACI, EC 2, DIN 1045, and ECP
  • Determining stresses, strains, and displacements in soil
  • Analysis of plane frame
  • Analysis of plane stress
  • Analysis of grid
  • Analysis of a system of many slab foundations
  • Analysis of rotational shell
  • Analysis of axisymmetric stress
  • Analysis of axisymmetric structures
  • Analysis of cylindrical tanks
  • Analysis of beam on elastic foundation
  • Analysis of grid on elastic foundation
  • Dynamic analysis of beams
  • Dynamic analysis of trusses
  • Dynamic analysis of grids
  • Dynamic analysis of space frames
  • Dynamic analysis of shear walls
  • Dynamic analysis of floor slabs
  • Dynamic analysis of axisymmetric solids
  • Eliminating negative contact pressure

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