Engineering Services

Engineering Services

GEOTEC has a team of qualified civil engineering professionals who are specialized in foundation design.

GEOTEC Provides various foundation design related services such as:
- Foundation design
- Independent review of foundation design
- Value engineering

GEOTEC offers you cost-competitive engineering solutions without compromising on quality, accuracy, efficiency or timelines. You can sign up at and get a free quote by requesting an estimate for your project.

The process of getting the project completed is simple:

-          Create a new client account.

-          Request an estimate by providing a form including all the project information.

-          You will receive an estimate from GEOTEC.

-          Once it is accepted, GEOTEC will create a project and proceed with the assigned tasks.

-          You will be able to review the project progress until it is complete.

-          Once completed, the project material will be deliver to you and the invoice as well.

The following are the screenshots of all the required steps:


Sign up form


Account confirmation message

Sign in form


Client Dashboard


Use Estimate menu to access to Request an Estimate form


Select the main Category for your project


Fill out the request form and upload the appropriate files.


Request confirmation


Later you will receive the estimate for your approval


If accepted GEOTEC will be informed


Once accepted, GEOTEC will create a project with the status “Open”


You can watch the progress of the project



You will also receive invoices as needed



You can pay online using secure PayPal link.


About GEOTEC Software

GEOTEC Software is providing universities and consulting companies with the right tools for the last 25+ years. We also assist our clients in various geostructural projects. From basic to advanced problems, GEOTEC Software can provide you with the right technical assistant.


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